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Episode Archive

Episode Archive

844 episodes of Wrestling Mayhem Show since the first episode, which aired on October 24th, 2006.

  • Gets Trashy | Wrestling Mayhem Show 893

    January 10th, 2024  |  1 hr 43 mins
    aew, business strategy, independent wrestling, match reviewing, mental health, social media, societal issues, taxes, twitter, upcoming events, video games, wrestling commentary, wwe

    The hosts discussed the latest back-and-forth on social media between wrestling promotions AEW and WWE, speculating on potential crossover opportunities. Other wrestling news like upcoming pay-per-view events was covered. Behind-the-scenes production elements including commentary and reviewing matches was analyzed. Independent wrestling promotions and passions of those involved took up a good portion of the show. There was talk of wrestling-themed video games, unconventional business strategies, and perspectives on societal issues and mental health in the wrestling world. Guest Ryan Zane spoke about his personal journey, wrestling personas, production preferences, and hopes for the sport's future.

  • Wrestling Mayhem Show 892: Professional Podcaster Zeke Mercer

    January 3rd, 2024  |  1 hr 45 mins
    aew, continental classic, departures, indie wrestling, injuries, kevin dunn, media coverage, pay-per-view, pittsburgh wrestling, sports-based programming, tournaments, video games, wrestling success metrics, wwe

    Our hosts discussed recent WWE departures like Kevin Dunn resigning, as well as AEW's Continental Classic tournament which they praised for its storytelling. Injuries leading up to AEW's last pay-per-view forced abrupt changes. They talked about ideas for more sports-based pro wrestling programming like tournaments, and how media coverage and notions of success in wrestling have evolved with the times. Reminiscing about classic wrestling video games segued into a discussion of Pittsburgh's current wrestling scene, which they predicted is entering its best era since the days of Norm Conners, citing hot indie promotions like 880 Wrestling. Upcoming local indie shows some hosts plan to attend rounded out the wrestling-centered discussion.

  • Wrestling Mayhem Show: The STD Festivus Special

    December 26th, 2023  |  1 hr 21 mins
    absurd, banter, chess flexor, comedy, cory futuristic, dave bonner, doc remy, festivus, grievances, guests, host, hypotheticals, poop, ronnie starks, tangent, wrestling
  • Keep Mayhem All Year Long | Wrestling Mayhem Show 891

    December 20th, 2023  |  1 hr 47 mins
    2024 wrestling, armchair booking, behind the scenes, booking challenges, different wrestling styles, indie wrestling, injury unpredictability, mentoring newcomers, wrestling commentary, wrestling debates, wrestling news, wrestling on tv, wrestling on youtube, wrestling partnerships, wrestling predictions, wrestling roundtable, wrestling rumors, wrestling variety

    We have insightful discussion about recent developments and future predictions in the world of professional wrestling. Topics ranged from the benefits of cross-promotion among wrestling companies to the challenges of unpredictable injuries and illness forcing last-minute changes to planned events. There was also analysis around the diversity of wrestling styles catering to different fan tastes, optimism about veterans guiding the next generation of young talent, and bold forecasts for major title changes, roster moves, and dream matches in the year 2024. Additional perspectives touched on production intricacies many fans don't realize, the importance of community, and evolving formulas for wrestling success.

  • Australian Backyard Wrestling with Mikey Montgomery | Wrestling Mayhem Show 890

    December 13th, 2023  |  1 hr 49 mins
    aew, backyard wrestling, charity shows, cm punk, eddie kingston, edge, flaming pasta, indie wrestling, iron survivor challenge, nxt, pasta death match, seth rollins, shawn michaels, swerve strickland, the undertaker, tournament, wrestlemania, wwe, youtube

    Sorg, Mad Mike, Riz, Dave Podnar, and guest Mikey Montgomery discussed CM Punk's return to WWE and his interactions with other wrestlers. They analyzed the new "Iron Survivor Challenge" match in NXT and compared it to other gimmick matches. There was debate around AEW's current tournament format and roster choices. They reminisced about classic WWE WrestleManias and segments showing backyard wrestling videos on YouTube, including kids attempting dangerous moves. Upcoming charity benefit shows were promoted. A "Pasta Death Match" with weapons and flaming pasta was described. Guest Mikey Montgomery detailed his introductions to wrestling through those backyard videos and memories from early in his career. Various independent wrestling events were also promoted on the show.

  • Amateur Truck Guy Reese Hayes | Wrestling Mayhem Show 889

    December 6th, 2023  |  1 hr 37 mins
    aew, camera work, collision, crew relations, dvds, filmmaking, indie wrestling, physical media, pop culture, ringside filming, vhs, video games, video production, wrestling media, wwe

    The guests discuss the decline of physical wrestling media and whether niche markets still exist. Reese details his background in filmmaking, relating it to an interest in wrestling production values. Rob shares his recent experience assisting the camera crew for AEW's Collision show. Comparisons are made between talent/crew relations in AEW and WWE. Proper ringside camera work is analyzed, with Reese and Rob drawing from their own filming know-how. Recent lessons learned include wrestling being extremely tough but rewarding for Reese; production people maintaining familiarity across companies per Rob; and wrestling themes permeating pop culture via video games per Joe.

  • Den of Desire | Wrestling Mayhem Show 888

    November 29th, 2023  |  1 hr 32 mins
    aew, cm punk, comedy, honey darling, horror movies, independent wrestling, mad mike, marco narcisso, pittsburgh, ronnie starks, sorgatron, sorgatron media, wrestling mayhem show, wrestling podcast, wwe

    The Wrestling Mayhem Show is a weekly pro wrestling podcast hosted by Sorgatron, Mad Mike, and Ronnie Starks. This irreverent show features lively debate about the latest wrestling news, from CM Punk's controversial WWE return to hometown heroes getting spots at AEW events. Recent guests included Marco Narcisso and Honey Darling, who shared funny stories from their beginnings in wrestling alongside tales from Honey's raunchy horror movie podcast. With tongue-in-cheek commentary interspersed with original bits like Kermit the Frog impersonations, this "mayhem" delivers unique humor for diehard wrestling fans.

  • Bunch of Wrestling Weirdos | Wrestling Mayhem Show 887

    November 22nd, 2023  |  1 hr 26 mins
    aew, deathmatch, full gear, hand turkeys, indie wrestling, match analysis, match preview, pay-per-view, ppv, professional wrestling, survivor series, thanksgiving, wargames, wrestling, wrestling commentary, wrestling culture, wrestling entertainment, wrestling fandom, wrestling podcast, wrestling promotions, wwe

    The Wrestling Mayhem Show is a long-running weekly podcast hosted by Mike Sorgatron that covers professional wrestling entertainment and culture. In this lively episode, we enthusiastically discuss recent pay-per-views, preview upcoming high-profile matches, debate the merits of bloody deathmatches, and make hand turkeys while sharing what we're thankful for this season. With irreverent commentary, promoter spotlight interviews, enthusiastic fandom, and trademark mayhem, we aim to put on an entertaining weekly show for over 887 episodes now while promoting indie wrestling.

  • Say Less | Wrestling Mayhem Show 886

    November 8th, 2023  |  1 hr 19 mins
    2pw, aew, aew dynamite, crown jewel, fox, indie wrestling, keith lee, logan paul, match cards, new japan pro wrestling, nxt, rwa, samoa joe, the cw, tv deals, usa network, vcw, will ospreay, women's wrestling, wrestle kingdom 18, wwe

    Wrestling Mayhem Show hosts Sorg, Mad Mike, and guest Referee George Ross discuss WWE's Crown Jewel event, new TV deals with Fox, USA and The CW, and hype for New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom 18. They also preview indie shows like RWA, 2PW, and VCW, noting excitement around matches like Keith Lee vs Samoa Joe. The hosts debate how much of a match card should be announced ahead of time versus allowing surprises. They review recent AEW Dynamite moments and matches, analyzing the booking and utilization of the AEW women's division. Overall, the episode covers WWE, AEW, NJPW, and the indie wrestling scene.

  • What is Your Juggalo Finisher? | Wrestling Mayhem Show 885

    November 2nd, 2023  |  1 hr 26 mins
    aew, big show, creed brothers, fan interactions, impact wrestling, jake roberts, kevin owens, mjf, njpw, nxt, podcast, pro wrestling, raw, sasha banks, smackdown, wrestler encounters, wrestler interviews, wrestling, wrestling analysis, wrestling commentary, wrestling community, wrestling conventions, wrestling fandom, wrestling matches, wrestling news, wrestling podcast, wrestling promotions, wrestling segments, wrestling stories, wrestling storylines, wwe

    The Wrestling Mayhem Show is a fun, casual podcast where knowledgeable wrestling fans discuss and react to the latest happenings in WWE, AEW, NJPW, and other promotions. The enthusiastic hosts share wrestling stories, critique matches, and bond over their shared love of pro wrestling. Recent episodes cover fan conventions, wrestler encounters, thoughts on storylines, and more. While the tone is lighthearted, the hosts also acknowledge reasonable boundaries between fans and wrestlers. The Wrestling Mayhem Show offers an enjoyable community for fellow wrestling fans to geek out over the current pro wrestling landscape.

  • Patron Saints of Independent Wrestling | Wrestling Mayhem Show 864

    October 25th, 2023  |  1 hr 31 mins
    aew dynamite, all elite wrestling, impact wrestling, new japan pro wrestling, pittsburgh, podcast, world wrestling entertainment, wrestling fans, wwe

    The trio discussed highlights from WWE's NXT Halloween Havoc event, including new champions being crowned. They reminisced about classic wrestling theme albums and joked about having wrestler Harakas mist kids trick-or-treating at the wrestling studio for Halloween.

  • Show Me Your NXT Face | Wrestling Mayhem Show 883

    October 18th, 2023  |  1 hr 38 mins
    880 wrestling, aew, benoit, christian cage, classic wrestling, dirt sheets, george ross, hogan, interview, matt carlins, nix wilde, nxt, orndorff, podcast, pro wrestling, shawn michaels, streaming, teen dramas, world series, wrestling, wwe, zeke mercer

    Host Mike Sorg welcomed back former co-host Matt Carlins and interviewed Nix Wilde of 880 Wrestling. They discussed 880's unique punk rock style and Nix's love of teen dramas influencing his wrestling persona. Nix talked facing rival Zeke Mercer and hyped 880's streaming World Series show this Friday. The hosts reminisced about classic wrestling moments that got them into the business. They talked today's crowded wrestling landscape with many streaming options for fans. Looking ahead, referee George Ross guests next week and they teased grilling someone about dirt sheets on their Patreon show.

  • AEW Hot Slots! | Wrestling Mayhem Show 882

    October 11th, 2023  |  1 hr 56 mins
    aew, emily fear, enjoy wrestling, exodus pro wrestling, grit and glitter, highway miles jacobs, indie wrestling, john cena, keith lee, news, nxt, podcast, professional wrestling, review, the undertaker, thunder rosa, tony khan, tuesday night war, wrestling, wwe

    The wrestling podcast covered AEW, WWE, and indie shows. They discussed the "Tuesday Night War," including Tony Khan's tweets. Topics included Cena and Undertaker on NXT, Keith Lee, and Thunder Rosa. They reviewed indie shows like Enjoy Wrestling and Exodus Pro Wrestling, praising the booking and talent. Guest Emily Fear talked about an Enjoy Wrestling show. They gave shoutouts to indie wrestlers like Highway Miles Jacobs. Overall, the episode covered wrestling news, reviewed shows, and previewed upcoming events.

  • WrestleQuest Developer James Deighan | Wrestling Mayhem Show 881

    October 4th, 2023  |  1 hr 33 mins
    aew dynamite, all elite wrestling, impact wrestling, new japan pro wrestling, pittsburgh, podcast, world wrestling entertainment, wrestling fans, wwe
  • A WrestleDream of Little or No Mercy | Wrestling Mayhem Show 880

    September 27th, 2023  |  1 hr 21 mins
    aew dynamite, all elite wrestling, impact wrestling, new japan pro wrestling, pittsburgh, podcast, world wrestling entertainment, wrestling fans, wwe

    This week's Wrestling Mayhem Show podcast covers all the latest pro wrestling news and rumors. The hosts dive into recent WWE releases including hyped new signee Jade Cargill and veterans like Dolph Ziggler and Matt Riddle. They also discuss speculation around AEW pay-per-views moving to HBO Max in 2024 and rumors that Tony Khan passed on buying the Lucha Underground tape library. Looking ahead, Sorg, Mike and returning guest host Ronnie Starks preview upcoming shows like NXT No Mercy, AEW Full Gear, and indie super show WrestleDream. They analyze matchups like Ilja Dragunov vs Carmelo Hayes, Bryan Danielson vs Zack Sabre Jr. and debate feuds like Hangman Page vs Swerve Strickland. Other topics include Mike's frustration with Tony Khan, the hosts trying out "Woo" energy drinks, Ronnie announcing he's becoming a father soon, and praise for Sorg's wife Missy patching up wrestlers as a medic at an indie show. Tune in for the latest wrestling news, rumors and insights from the Wrestling Mayhem Show podcast!

  • “Murder Grandpa” on a Bullet Train | Wrestling Mayhem Show 879

    September 20th, 2023  |  58 mins 40 secs
    880 wrestling, aew, aew grand slam, aew ppv strategy, aew women's division, bullet train, chad gable, impact 1000, indie wrestling, jade cargill, judgment day, lee moriarty, murder grandpa, pittsburgh toilet, pwi 500, shane taylor, the shield, wwe, wwe matches, wwe storylines

    The hosts struggled with technical difficulties during their live streaming setup but powered through to discuss wrestling. Topics included Mad Mike spotting himself in the crowd at Impact 1000 and the viral video of Murder Grandpa wrestling on a moving bullet train in Japan. They analyzed current WWE storylines involving Chad Gable and Judgment Day. There was debate around AEW's Grand Slam ticket sales and frequent pay-per-view strategy. A tangent about "Pittsburgh toilets" ensued. Looking ahead, the potential signing of Jade Cargill to WWE was considered and how she might fit within the women's division. The hosts reacted to the latest PWI 500 rankings, with members of The Shield holding the top three spots. In AEW, they were excited about the teaming of Lee Moriarty and Shane Taylor. Upcoming indie wrestling shows were promoted, including 880 Wrestling and others. They closed by teasing guests and topics for future episodes of the Wrestling Mayhem Show podcast.