Episode 699

WWE - Billions and Billions Swerved | Wrestling Mayhem Show 632


August 29th, 2018

1 hr 57 mins 9 secs

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About this Episode

This week’s episode brought to you by Indy Wrestling US, Slice on Broadway, Occupy Pro Wrestling, and THRIFTY Podcast!

Joe Dombrowski makes the trek to the studio to join us for this week's show. He's talking with Rizz, Mad Mike, and Sorg about:

We're starting the top of the show off with some All In - WHICH IS THIS WEEKEND! (Finally).
This weekend is a giant nexus of amazing shows.
Joe is sharing some thoughts on Starrcast.
Cody Rhodes already sold part of the All In ring - to pay for the battle royal.
We're taking a look at the rundown for All In.
Sorg was blinded by Kenny Omega and Pentagon.
Will AJ Lee show up for All In?
Is ROH still "independent" wrestling or have they been elevated to a "company?"
Blackcraft Wrestling debuted in Pittsburgh this past weekend. Our crew is sharing some thoughts.
Paige is a Hot Topic model?
OH: The coolest thing about a wrestling shirt is when it doesn't look like a wrestling shirt.
OH: You can't produce wrestling unless you understand it.
We're getting a little bit of analysis going on - drawing some comparisons between Blackcraft Wrestling and Lucha Underground - as to how they could potentially work together.
This week's Big Question: Who is best about keeping in character outside of the ring?
We're learning that Frantik is trying to build a relationship with Rizz.
Dombrowski is sharing some words of wisdom for wrestlers regarding their social media personas.
If you watch some ROH, you may have seen Joe. We're getting him to talk some sense into Mad Mike so he'll watch the show!
WWE is the McDonalds of wrestling.
New Japan is All In! They will have the show available on the network after it airs live.
What did YOU learn from wrestling this week?

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