Episode 688

Kaiju of NXT | Wrestling Mayhem Show 622


June 13th, 2018

1 hr 55 mins 56 secs

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This week’s episode brought to you by Slice on Broadway, Occupy Pro Wrestling, and Indy Wrestling US!

We’ve got a special treat this week as we’re joined by Wrestle Zone’s Ross Berman! He is joined by our in-studio guest Jaye Cooper, as well as our usual group of wrestling fans with Sorg, Larry, and Bobby. This week’s topics include:

Ross has been covering the Colt Cabana and CM Punk trial. We’ve got him on the podcast to share a little bit of what he’s been seeing.
Podcasters and interviewers alike have been in the crosshairs awaiting the turnout of the Colt Cabana and CM Punk trial.
Podcasts, in general, are entertainment – when someone frames it as fact-checked journalism, it can cause harm.
A wrestling journalist having to switch gears to trial coverage?
Covering New Japan is what prepared Ross for the Colt Cabana and CM Punk trial coverage.
Ross covers New Japan, which brings us to Larry CANCELLING his WWE Network app!
New Japan has been doing a bit lately – including some title changes and some reach to American and European audiences.
Money in the Bank is just around the corner – as in THIS WEEKEND. We’re sharing some thoughts and speculations.
AJ Styles v Nakamura for Money in the Bank? WWE is doing the same stuff we’d be seeing in New Japan!
Has anyone checked to see if Brock Lesnar is still alive? We haven’t seen him in a couple months.
We’re making some Money in the Bank predictions.
The sons of IRS are facing each other, and we’re pretty excited about it.
This week’s big question: If you had the ability to give a Money in the Bank briefcase to ANYONE in wrestling, who would it be?
NXT Takeover is ALSO this weekend. We’re sharing some thoughts and predictions.
OH: Lars Sullivan is great! I want to see him win the title at a house show!
Lars Sullivan is what Snitsky should have been.
What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?BONUS: Recommendation from our guest, Ross Berman: Check out David Starr v Mike Quackenbush if you get a chance.
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