Episode 654

Braun Mode | Wrestling Mayhem Show 592


October 18th, 2017

1 hr 30 mins 47 secs

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We’ve got a super special guest in studio this week – so super it’s even in his name! Super Hentai is on the sofa with Mainstream Mat. Sorg is on the switcher. And, we’ve got Mad Mike on the interwebs as we’re talking all the things in wrestling, including:

Matt can’t take Bray Wyatt anymore.
We’re getting a professional opinion from a professional wrestler about Bray Wyatt with our guest Super Hentai.
Dear WWE: Give us a Bray Wyatt 180 as a southern preacher like Jake the Snake with his white snake days.
Mad Mike is upset that Kurt Angle talked through the sierra, hotel, India, echo, Lima, delta part of the Shield’s entrance theme.
WTH WWE? 5 on 3? Really?
Mad Mike wants Asuka v EVERY WOMAN.
Matt wants Asuka v Emma.
We may or may not be discussing Marshall Gambino’s favorite Disney character.
Congrats to Britt Baker on the Pitt News article and Parts Unknown appearance.
Super Hentai is talking about the great talent that has come through Pittsburgh.
This week’s Big Question: Which current wrestler could raise stock by leaving WWE and striking out on their own?
What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?
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