Episode 466

Wrestling Mayhem Show 416: The Most Delicious Voodoo Doll Ever


April 22nd, 2014

1 hr 30 mins 58 secs

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FANMAIL!!!!! http://live.sorgatronmedia.com
Do you think @WWERomanReigns is going to turn on #TheShield and join #Evolution? Weigh in http://live.sorgatronmedia.com
Thanks to @fsmikey and @FSBigBob for the Yes Movement video from the Pens game!
And in other sports news, pirates/Brewers fight with an @RealKurtAngle ankle lock...IN BASEBALL! http://live.sorgatronmedia.com
Yes movement insight from @MadMike4883: wrestling fans start it, everyone else blindly carries it.
@Sorgatron is reliving his #WWE moment for his retweet on WWE Network earlier this week.
Our remember when is sibling (real or storyline) tag teams. Weigh in with your thoughts: http://live.sorgatronmedia.com
@MattCarlins investigating. Tune in to see what he's uncovered: http://live.sorgatronmedia.com
@BobbyFJtown descriptions: Vague and comical. Not so descriptive.
@MadMike4883 discusses @WWEDanielBryan Road to Wrestlemania. http://live.sorgatronmedia.com

LegendsHouse discussion. http://live.sorgatronmedia.com

LegendsHouse or #WWEDivas? What are your thoughts on #WWE reality TV? http://live.sorgatronmedia.com

Midget wrestling is back, guys!