Episode 13291

Here Comes Trouble | Wrestling Mayhem Show 917


July 10th, 2024

2 hrs 5 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of the Wrestling Mayhem Show, we welcome the dynamic team of The Troublemakers, consisting of Glenn Spectre, Canaan Kristopher, Lexus Synn, and Tyler Brooks. Join us as we dive into the latest happenings in the wrestling world, discuss some hilarious backstage stories, and explore the evolution of one of the most entertaining factions in indie wrestling.

News Stories and Topics:

• Introduction of The Troublemakers:
• Glenn Spectre introduces himself as the leader of The Troublemakers.
• Members Canaan Kristopher, Lexus Synn, and Tyler Brooks are introduced.
• The origin story of The Troublemakers, inspired by a metal cover of Taylor Swift’s “Trouble” and the Freebird rule.
• Rhea Ripley’s Return:
• Discussion on Rhea Ripley’s impactful return to WWE.
• Speculation on whether her absence was due to injury or her recent marriage to Buddy Matthews.
• Carlito’s Revival:
• Carlito’s subtle yet effective role in the storyline.
• Comparison to other comedic relief characters in wrestling, such as Luther.
• Tony Storm and Luther’s Comedy Spot:
• Tony Storm’s recent promo featuring Luther’s comedic spot.
• Comparison of Carlito’s and Luther’s roles in their respective storylines.
• Chaos Project’s Impact on AEW Dark:
• Discussion on the entertaining duo of Luther and Serpentico.
• The significance of their comedy spots and matches on AEW Dark.
• WCW’s Demise and Wrestling History:
• Reflecting on the Monday Night Wars and the eventual downfall of WCW.
• Discussion on the role of Eric Bischoff and corporate decisions that led to WCW’s end.
• Mention of notable books on the subject, such as “The Death of WCW”.
• Chelsea Green’s Fear of Heights:
• Chelsea Green’s storyline in Money in the Bank, dealing with her fear of heights.
• Her progress and ultimate fall during the match.
• Damian Priest and Seth Rollins Match Botch:
• Analysis of the botched pinfall in their recent match.
• Speculation on production cues and referee decisions during the match.
• Jim Ross’s Commentary:
• Bo Diggity’s voicemail critiquing Jim Ross’s performance during the Forbidden Door event.
• Discussion on the future of Jim Ross in wrestling commentary and the strengths of Excalibur and Taz.
• Press Conferences in Wrestling:
• Debate on whether wrestling press conferences should be in character or shoot.
• Examples of effective in-character press conferences, like those featuring MJF and Jay White.
• Local Wrestling Scene:
• Highlights from recent indie shows, including APWF and Neo Pro Wrestling.
• Promotion of upcoming events and partnerships with Indie Wrestling US.

What We Learned Segment:

• Glenn Spectre:
• Glenn reflects on the evolution of his character and the formation of The Troublemakers.
• The significance of creativity in wrestling and how inspiration can come from unexpected places.
• Canaan Kristopher:
• Canaan shares insights on the challenges and rewards of being part of a dynamic wrestling faction.
• The importance of adaptability and teamwork in achieving success in the ring.
• Lexus Synn:
• Lexus discusses her journey in wrestling and how joining The Troublemakers has impacted her career.
• The value of having a supportive and cohesive team in the wrestling industry.
• Tyler Brooks:
• Tyler emphasizes the role of mentorship and learning from experienced wrestlers like Glenn.
• The thrill of performing in front of diverse audiences and the unique experiences each show brings.

Join us for an entertaining and insightful episode as we delve into the world of wrestling with The Troublemakers, explore recent events, and share what we’ve learned along the way.