Episode 13288

I Think They Should Leave | Wrestling Mayhem Show 916


July 3rd, 2024

1 hr 50 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

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This week on the Wrestling Mayhem Show, hosts Mike Sorg and Matt Carlins are joined by special guests, The Dangerous Nights Crew—Pro Wrestlers and 880 Tag Team Champions, The Gavel David Lawless and Gianni Michael Emricko. In a packed studio, we dive into the latest happenings in the wrestling world, explore the art of storytelling in professional wrestling, and get an inside look at the upcoming indie wrestling events. Join us for a lively discussion filled with insights, behind-the-scenes stories, and plenty of laughs.

1.  Paul Heyman’s Recent Incident:

• Discussion on Paul Heyman’s recent injury and the speculation around it.

• Debates about Heyman’s commitment to his character and the method acting involved.

• Mike, Matt, and guests share their thoughts on Heyman’s storytelling abilities and his importance to the Bloodline storyline.

2.  Wrestling Family Dynamics and Storytelling:

• Conversation on the natural storytelling involving wrestling families.

• Specific mention of the Samoan wrestling family and their impact on WWE.

• Discussions on the global storytelling aspect of professional wrestling and how different promotions acknowledge wrestling histories.

3.  WWE and Social Media Integration:

• Analysis of WWE’s success in integrating their content with social media platforms.

• Discussion on WWE’s streaming deal with Netflix and the implications for global viewership.

4.  AEW’s Forbidden Door Event:

• Review of AEW’s Forbidden Door event and specific matches.

• Highlighting Swerve Strickland’s performance and his potential in the wrestling industry.

• Comparison of AEW’s pay-per-view model to WWE’s approach.

5.  AEW vs WWE – In-Ring Styles and Business Models:

• Debate on the differences in in-ring styles between AEW and WWE.

• Discussions on AEW’s long pay-per-view events and WWE’s structured storytelling.

• Thoughts on wrestlers transitioning between AEW and WWE and the benefits of having multiple major wrestling companies.

6.  Indie Wrestling Updates and Upcoming Shows:

• Highlights of recent and upcoming indie wrestling events, including VCW and 880 Wrestling’s Thursday Night Fights.

• Gianni and David share insights on their upcoming matches and their experiences in the indie wrestling scene.

What We Learned:

• The Gavel David Lawless and Gianni Michael Emricko shared the joy and challenges of being part of the Dangerous Nights Crew and their journey in the indie wrestling scene.

• Mike and Matt discussed the importance of storytelling in wrestling and how it can elevate characters and narratives.

• Insights into the wrestling industry’s evolution, including the integration of social media and streaming platforms, and the differences in approaches between AEW and WWE.

• Personal anecdotes and experiences from the hosts and guests, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the world of professional wrestling.

Specific Highlights:

• The Gavel David Lawless’s Fedora with safari flaps and its unique appeal.

• The upcoming big show on July 4th at Diamond Beach featuring music and wrestling.

• Gianni Michael Emricko’s transition from injury to championship status.

• The fun and camaraderie within the Dangerous Nights Crew, as well as their influences and inspirations.

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