Episode 13283

This Show is Not About Beastman | Wrestling Mayhem Show 913


June 11th, 2024

58 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

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NXT Battleground at UFC APEX:

Discussed the unique venue of UFC APEX in Las Vegas for NXT Battleground.

Compared the intimate setting to independent gymnasiums or black box theaters.

Talked about the potential for more experimental venues for NXT in the future.

UFC and WWE Crossover:

Debate on the balance between UFC and WWE keeping their unique identities while experimenting with cross-promotions.

Highlighted the importance of maintaining distinctiveness in presentation and audience perception.

Jordan Grace in TNA:

Jordan Grace’s move from NXT to TNA and the implications for TNA Plus.

Concerns about TNA's subscription model changes.

Independent Wrestling Shows:

Detailed previews of upcoming local wrestling events:

Prospect Pro Wrestling’s "Pay Your Respects" featuring a triple threat for the Top Prospect Championship.

RWA’s event featuring Ryan Edmonds replacing Ethan Page.

Mention of Lady Frost's recent match against Tony Storm and her career highlights.

Beastman vs. Eli:

Tony Kincaid's insights into Beastman's upcoming match for the No Limits title.

Discussion about Beastman's unique character and Tony’s role as his handler.

Production Challenges in Indie Wrestling:

In-depth look at the logistical and communication challenges in producing live wrestling events.

Personal anecdotes from Sorgatron and Tony about their experiences in production and event management.

Enjoy Wrestling’s Upcoming Event:

Excitement for Enjoy Wrestling's return to Stage AE with a new championship match due to Edith Surreal's injury.

Discussion about the vacated Enjoy Championship and potential contenders.

Slice on Broadway and Local Support:

Shout-out to local sponsor Slice on Broadway and their support for the show and community.

What We Learned Segment:

Tony Kincaid:

Learned about the high demand for the TNA Knockouts title and potential crossover opportunities for various wrestling titles.

Expressed desire to see Drew McIntyre and Joe Hendry reignite their rivalry.


Learned about the dangers of earrings in wrestling, referencing Jordan Grace’s recent in-ring injury.

Praised the professionalism of Jordan Grace and Roxanne Perez for continuing their match despite the injury.