Episode 13276

What Night Is It? | Wrestling Mayhem Show 908


May 2nd, 2024

1 hr 7 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

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Swerve Strickland’s Career and Impact:

Discussed Swerve Strickland's wrestling career across various promotions, including his time in CCW and Vow Vicious Outcast Wrestling.

Commentary on his impact in wrestling and his portrayal in the game "Fight Forever".

Wrestling Video Games Discussion:

Conversation about old WWE games, highlighting WWE '13 as having the best Universe mode.

Mention of different games like WWE 2K18 and WWE Battlegrounds, discussing their features and gameplay.

AEW Dynamite Highlights:

Partial coverage of the AEW Dynamite episode, including the Claudio O'Brian cage match and Kenny Omega’s segments.

Discussion of the EVPs (Executive Vice Presidents) taking charge of the episode and the “Manitoba Massacre” match.

FTW Match Commentary:

Details on a match involving Chris Jericho and Shibata, where Jericho used hockey pucks, leading to a humorous discussion about Taz's reaction to the treatment of his FTW Championship.

Future AEW Events and Storylines:

Speculation and updates on upcoming AEW events, focusing on Kenny Omega’s storyline and Swerve Strickland’s championship journey.

Preview of future AEW matches and story developments.

Tony Khan’s Public Appearances and Statements:

Commentary on Tony Khan wearing a neck brace at the NFL draft, following a storyline injury, and how it was received by the public and media.

Discussion on Tony Khan’s role in AEW and his interactions with the wrestling community and media.

Upcoming Indy Wrestling Events and Promotions:

Information about upcoming independent wrestling events sponsored by Indy Wrestling.us.

Mention of various indie promotions and events happening in the Pittsburgh area.

“What We Learned” Segment:
In this segment, participants shared personal anecdotes and lessons from wrestling. For example, one of the hosts shared a story about wearing a Kaiju Big Battle shirt and connecting with someone at the airport, highlighting the unexpected connections wrestling fans can make.

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