Episode 13274

Big Match Bubby | Wrestling Mayhem Show 907


April 24th, 2024

1 hr 31 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

WrestleMania Weekend Recap with Referee George Ross:

 Discussions on the experience of being at WrestleMania, including the behind-the-scenes and event atmosphere.

Mention of a throwback episode featuring DJ Z (Joaquin Wilde) before he became known in WWE.

Independent Wrestling Updates:

Talk about the challenges and experiences of hosting wrestling events , including logistical issues and venue.

Anecdotes from various indie wrestling events, highlighting the difficulties of organizing shows in new locations and dealing with venue managers.

Career Updates:

Referee George Ross discusses his recent engagements in refereeing across various wrestling promotions.

Mention of wrestling promotions like MLW (Major League Wrestling) where DJ Z performed.

Industry Insights:

In-depth discussions about the dynamics of wrestling promotions, the role of referees, and the impact of wrestling culture on event management and audience engagement.

Examination of the production side of wrestling shows, emphasizing the importance of timely setups and coordination with venue staff.

"What We Learned" Segment

Personal and Professional Growth:

The segment highlights the learning experiences from hosting and managing wrestling events, particularly the importance of adaptability and quick problem-solving in live event production.

Insights into the evolving landscape of indie wrestling, stressing the need for continuous learning and adaptation to new challenges in the wrestling industry.

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