Episode 13267

Talking Mayhem Mania - The Flip - We Talk Wrestling


March 29th, 2024

25 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

Introduction and Patreon in the Bank Recap: The show begins by acknowledging that the Patreon in the Bank event consumed the entirety of the Wrestling Mayhem Show episode 904, leaving no time to discuss other wrestling topics.

Wrestling Discussions and Personal Anecdotes:

There's admiration expressed for Drew McIntyre, with a host wanting to emulate him.
Personal grooming habits, such as beard maintenance and the pain of plucking a nose hair, are humorously discussed.
The conversation veers into personal stories, including one about a cat named Poncho.
Wrestling Commentary and Analysis:

Detailed discussion on recent wrestling matches and events, including The Rock's and Cody's performance in the rain and Becky's perceived muted response against Rhea.
Commentary on various wrestlers and matches, highlighting the dynamic in-ring storytelling and fan reactions.
Industry Updates and Critiques:

Insight into the WWE's creative direction post-Vince McMahon, including new filming techniques and the impact of having a new showrunner.
Praise for the improved quality of WWE shows, noting how every segment advances the storyline logically.
Acknowledgment of the WWE and AEW's current standing in the wrestling world, emphasizing the competition between them to produce better content rather than relying on each other's failures.
Fan Interactions and Segment Recaps:

Various wrestling segments are recapped, focusing on the intricacies of the storytelling and the physical performances of the wrestlers.
The hosts discuss specific in-ring and backstage segments that impressed them, including how certain shots and vignettes contributed to the storytelling.
Closing Thoughts on the Wrestling Industry's Evolution:

Reflections on the evolution of WWE's production and storytelling, with a focus on the positive changes following Vince McMahon's departure.
Discussion on the mainstream appeal of wrestling and its significant presence on social media and YouTube.
The episode concludes with a look forward to the future of wrestling and the podcast, expressing excitement for what's to come.