Episode 13262

Talking Mayhem Mania Week 7


March 18th, 2024

14 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

Introduction to "Talking Mayhem Mania" segment with a humorous exchange about a Mickey Mouse Yarmulke and storing cherished items.
Overview of the Mayhem Mania rules and playful banter about the co-host's recent trip and souvenirs.
Detailed listing of current matches for Mayhem Mania:
Cats (Natalia and Two Paws) vs. Drew McIntyre and Chaz vs. Selena Vega and Potato, created by DP.
Carmelo Hayes vs. Cody Rhodes, created by Tina.
Roxanne Perez vs. AJ Lee, also by Tina.
Chad Gable vs. Kevin Owens vs. Pete Dune, by Chad the Shad.
Metaphor vs. The Core, by the Anonymous Mayhem Mania General Manager.
Ilia Dragunov vs. Dragon Lee, by DP.
Gunther vs. Logan Paul, by Bobby of J-Town.
John Cena vs. Brie Bella, by Katie Arquette, leading to a humorous discussion on the odd pairings.
Space Jail updates, discussing characters and objects placed in 'jail' by participants, reflecting on the quirky aspects of the game.
Recap of the Mayhem Mania Supercard, with matches including Rhea Ripley vs. Chelsea Green, AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Finn Balor, and Thea Hail vs. Nikki Cross.
Discussion on the upcoming "Patreon in the Bank" event and its significance, with hints at new participants and their fresh ideas.
Behind-the-scenes reflections on the challenges and fun of hosting the Mayhem Mania segments.
Closing thoughts on the anticipation for the upcoming "Patreon in the Bank" and a reminder for viewers to participate via Patreon.