Episode 13229

Keep Mayhem All Year Long | Wrestling Mayhem Show 891


December 20th, 2023

1 hr 47 mins 39 secs

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Mayhem Gathers! OG Host DJ Lunchbox RETURNS!

2 truths and and a lie, What We Learned this year in wrestling and PREDICTIONS for 2024 in pro wreslting!

Promotions working together more (sharing talent/resources)

Unpredictability in wrestling (injuries/illness forcing card changes)

Critique of "armchair booking" by fans

Diversity of wrestling styles appealing to different fan tastes

Optimism about younger generation and veterans guiding them

Importance of wrestling community unity

Bold predictions made for 2024 (title changes, big roster moves, dream matches)

Backstage challenges and complexities fans don't see

No consensus formula for wrestling success—still evolving

Unionization improving lives but still taboo term in wrestling

Fan engagement beyond marquee names/matches (atmosphere draws too)

Production side gaining more fan interest and awareness

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