Episode 13226

Den of Desire | Wrestling Mayhem Show 888


November 29th, 2023

1 hr 32 mins 51 secs

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CM Punk's return to WWE:

His return promo was lackluster and disappointing, not like his original return promo in Chicago

There is debate around whether he's genuinely excited to be back or just there for the money

He could play a hypocritical heel character that gets called out

AEW Dynamite show in Pittsburgh:

Tournament format has been fun and entertaining

Lots of hometown wrestlers got spots and pops from the crowd (The Mane Event, Lee Moriarty, Lady Frost)

Explanation that injuries/illness changed up some planned matches

Learning about Marco Narciso

The improv nature of wrestling

His coaches at 880 Wrestling have been amazing teachers

Honey Darling's horror movie podcast "Queens of NC 17":

Reviews lesser known, crappy horror films and makes fun of them

Very raw, unedited show with no outline, lots of tangents and personal stories

Also does "Queens of Reality TV" podcast reviewing bad reality shows

Rhea Ripley's autographed paper selling for $580 in WWE auction:

Sold for way more than Xavier Woods' and Kofi Kingston's autographs

She wrote "Mommy's moisture" on it and licked the paper before signing

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Is CM Punk genuinely excited to be back in WWE, or is he just there for the money?
Why was AEW's show in Pittsburgh changed up compared to what was originally planned?
What is the premise of Honey Darling's podcast "Queens of NC 17"?
How much did Rhea Ripley's autographed paper sell for at the WWE auction?
What has Marco Narciso learned about wrestling?
What has Honey Darling learned from getting involved in Pittsburgh's indie wrestling scene?