Episode 13210

Action Figure Booking | Wrestling Mayhem Show 872


August 2nd, 2023

1 hr 39 mins 52 secs

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 871: A Cowpoke and a Voodoo Guy Walk Into a Podcast

Tad Jarvis joins us to talk about 2PW Fight Night! Get tickets at www.ProspectProWrestling.com or watch LIVE at IndyWrestling.Network!

Looking back at NXT Great American Bash and Tad Jarvis’ Stronghold Classmate Thea Hail!

AEW’s NEW CM Punk Championship

Looking at the Cody Rhodes documentary and forward to WWE SummerSlam in Detroit!

Looking back at Enjoy Wrestling at TacoMania on the streets of Pittsburgh!

What did we learn from wrestling this week?

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