Episode 13256

Mayhem Aftertalk: Almost 2 Decades of Podcast

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February 28th, 2024

34 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

Personal Banter: The hosts engage in light-hearted banter, touching on personal nicknames and experiences.
Podcast Production: Discussion on the challenges and aspirations in podcast production, including references to other shows and the aim to emulate successful formats like "Critical Role."
Technology and Media: Conversations about technological changes, influences from other media personalities, and the evolution of their content.
Podcasting Awards: They discuss the dynamics of podcasting awards, the challenges of gaining recognition, and strategies for nomination.
Personal Anecdotes and Memories: Sharing of personal stories, including past experiences with energy drinks, alcohol, and the impact of these on their podcast recordings.
Guest Experiences and Community Engagement: The hosts reminisce about previous guest experiences and the importance of community engagement in the success of a podcast.
Reflections on Success and Influence: Reflections on what success means in the podcasting world, the influence of other podcasters, and aspirations for their show.